Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Homeschooling Looks Like: Mess

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If you've ever looked at some of the Montessori Practical Life work for preschoolers and thought, 

My child would make a huge mess with that. Those beans would be everywhere!

let me assure you, you are not alone. 

Let me also assure you, the mess will happen.

How do so few beans make such a big mess?

I set up this pouring activity for C in February. I was very careful to fill the pitcher with just enough white beans and sparkly red plastic "jewels" to fill each of the four tiny teacups - no more. (I learned that trick the hard way.) 

The first day, he was impressively focused. Of course there were small spills - those are going to happen with pouring work. It's part of the learning process. But he was quick to clean up and try again.

The second day, was a different story. When he spilled beans on the tray, he couldn't stop himself from flinging them off the table...and then, he held the pitcher and threw beans up in the air. 

Beans. Were. Everywhere. 

I was not a happy mama.

It took C more than two hours to clean up his mess that day - not because it was an especially difficult job, but because he didn't want to do it. 

But he DID it. 

AND he did it on his own.

Did I think I would lose my mind that day? Absolutely. 

Did those two hours feel like forever? Without a doubt. 

But we survived. 

Now, if he had spilled this work on purpose again the next day, or the next week, I would have removed it. But funnily enough, he didn't. It turns out, sometimes a little mess can be big learning experience.

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  1. Here is mine!

  2. Bean, beans everywhere, LOL!!! I have the same type of things going on at my house with my toddler :-)

    1. I'm glad to know we're not alone!! :-)

  3. I missed MESS?! I missed MESS last week? I could show you so much- but we had to flee the mess because I couldn't take it :)

  4. I don't blame you a bit!! You are handling the remodel much better than I ever would! :-)